Canada Travelogue 2004

by Bob Peterson

The following pages are a log of my trip to Canada. As usual, I took my tiny old Cassiopia Fiva laptop and wrote notes in my journal about what we did every day. When we got back home, I inserted pictures from my digital camera into the text so you can follow along and see what I saw. Each file is approximately 2.5MB in size, but for the purposes of the travelogue, I have inserted only a couple photos for each day, and I reduced the quality so that people with a slow Internet connection can view them. To read my journal entries, click on the links below:

10 June 2004 Thursday - South Trout Lake

11 June 2004 Friday - South Trout Lake

12 June 2004 Saturday - North Trout Lake

13 June 2004 Sunday - Favourable Lake

14 June 2004 Monday - Favourable Lake

15 June 2004 Tuesday - Favourable Lake

16 June 2004 Wednesday - Favourable Lake

17 June 2004 Thursday - North Trout Lake

18 June 2004 Friday - Returning Home

Advice for Travelers to Canada:

First, be sure to bring warm clothes. Even in July it can get very cold in Canada. When we arrived in mid-June, we were told that ice-off for the lakes was only two weeks prior to our arrival.

Second, bring good fishing equipment. I recommend buying a 4-inch PVC pipe and screw-on fittings to protect your rods from damage during the plane rides.

Third, if you're from the United States, bring them Bush's Bakes Beans; they love it.

Fourth, if you're new to this experience, do yourself a favor and hire a guide for a day or two until you learn how to (a) run the motor, (b) restart the motor if it stops, (c) learn the lakes so you don't get lost. On a huge lake like Favourable, it's so big, you can easily get lost, and it's no fun to be lost out there in the middle of the cold Canada wilderness.