Ecuador / Galapagos 2007 Travelogue

Trip Summary:

Destination: Ecuador and Galapagos

Travel Company: ExpeditionTrips

When: 19 May – 03 June 2007

Duration: 16 Days of sightseeing

Photos taken: Kathy took 2955, Bob took 2249 (total 5204).


Kathy and I chose Ecuador for several reasons. We like to alternate between “animal vacations” and “people / cultural / archeology vacations.” Africa and Canada were animal vacations. Turkey and Greece were cultural vacations. It's always nice when we can do both and not feel cheated. Peru was a mixture of half Cultural (Andean / Inca) and half Animal (Amazon) vacation. This time we’re heading off to another 50/50 mixture, Ecuador (cultural) and the Galapagos Islands (animals). The islands, of course, are what inspired Charles Darwin—a very devout Christian—to formulate his theory of evolution and write his controversial “Origin of Species” which rocked both the scientific and religious worlds of his day.

Another reason for our trip is that a friend of ours from our motorcycle club, Bob Frazee, traveled with his wife, Fran, to the Galapagos a few years ago and they had a wonderful time. They took lots of excellent photos of both animals and people, so I was a bit jealous of his adventure. I had to see all those animals for myself.

Click on the photos to see comments I wrote and photos we took on each day:

No photos

Day 1

Sat May 19, 2007

Minneapolis to Miami to Quito

No photos

Day 2

Sun May 20, 2007


Bob: 128,

Kathy: 120

Day 3

Mon May 21, 2007

Quito to Cuenca

Bob: 132,

Kathy: 153

Day 4

Tue May 22, 2007


Bob: 155,

Kathy: 140

Day 5

Wed May 23, 2007

Alauci to Lasso

Bob: 111,

Kathy: 201

Day 6

Thu May 24, 2007

Lasso, Saquisili, Cotopaxi volcano

Bob: 248,

Kathy: 242

Day 7

Fri May 25, 2007

Lasso to Otavalo

Bob: 133,

Kathy: 151

Day 8

Sat May 26, 2007

Otovalo, Kotocache, Equator memorial

Bob: 122,

Kathy: 106

Day 9

Sun May 27, 2007

Quito to Galapagos Islands

Bob: 138,

Kathy: 142

Day 10

Mon May 28, 2007

Genovesa (“Tower”) Island

Bob: 123,

Kathy: 269

Day 11

Tue May 29, 2007

Fernadina Island, Isabela Island

Bob: 226,

Kathy: 319

Day 12

Wed May 30, 2007

Santiago, Bartoleme Islands

Bob: 142,

Kathy: 261

Day 13

Thu May 31, 2007

Santacruz Island

Bob: 139,

Kathy: 184

Day 14

Fri June 1, 2007


Bob: 269,

Kathy: 383

Day 15

Sat June 2, 2007

San Christobel

Bob: 162,

Kathy: 231

Day 16

Sun June 3, 2007

San Cristobel to Quito

Bob: 21, Kathy: 53

Day 17

Mon June 4, 2007

Quito to Minneapolis

No Photos

What we did right:

The hardest part was packing for the trip because of the weather. In the Andes, it can be chilly and rainy. Some days it didn't get above 70F. In the Galapagos, it can be hot and sunny. Some days it got over 90F. So we had to plan a wide variety of clothes: shorts and longs, warm and cold. For that reason, we felt like we overpacked, although we used almost everything and I'm not sure what I could have possibly left behind.

What we did wrong: