The “Wild OATs”:


Here are some photos of our fellow OAT travelers:


         Harriet, Hank, Lucy, Bill from our cooking lesson.


         Hank showing a boy his digital image at the school.


         Dorothy and Carol coming through a doorway.


         Making fun of Kathy and me, still newlyweds after thirteen years.


         Reception at the OAT camp.  Dorothy, Dale, Leone, Harriet, Hank.


         Reception at the OAT camp.  Sally, Bill, Lucy.


         Hitching a ride to the temple.


         Hank, Harriet, Carol.  Making a wish on the Ganges.


          Carol, Leone, Lucy, Bill, Sally, Delores.  Celebrating at Sujay’s house.


         Bob and Dick at Sujay’s house.


      Delores, Harriet, Hank, Kathy at Sujay’s house.


       Leone, Lucy, Bill, Sally at Sujay’s house.


         Dorothy inside Sujay’s kitchen.


          Sally, Dick, Delores in a hotel lobby.


         Kathy, Sally, Dick, Delores, Lucy in a hotel lobby.


         The whole group (minus the photographer) at the briefing.


         Our first dinner together in Delhi.


         Bill and some Seikh dudes.


         Kathy and Carol.


         Tourist lunch.


          Enjoying some soup.


         Dorothy getting stamped.


         Ready to look for tigers.


         Hank making fodder the old-fashioned way.


         Sally and her camel.




         A camel-wary Delores.


         Dick and camel.


         Harriet mounts her mighty steed.


                     “Wild” Bill.


         Leone and camel.


                     Dorothy and Kathy exploring monuments together.


          Dick and Delores at the Taj Mahal.


                      Bill and Lucy at the Taj Mahal.


                     Dorothy and Carol getting ready for a white-knuckle rickshaw ride.


                        Harriet posing with her Sari.


              Varanasi city guide, Harriet, Hank, Carol, Dorothy, Dick, Delores on the Ganges.


             Sujay, Lucy, Sally, Leone, Dale, Kathy on the Ganges.