Ireland 2006 Travelogue

Destination: Ireland

Travel Company: 1 2 Travel, Dublin

When: 02 Sep – 14 Sep 2006

Duration: 13 days of sightseeing

Photos taken: 2989


I've always wanted to go to Ireland ever since Kathy and I spent our honeymoon in the U.K., and didn't get a chance to hop over there. Some may think it's because I have some Irish relatives: the Quigleys and the O'Donnells, or because my brother Joe and his daughter play in an Irish band called “Gaelic Tribe.” But the real reason I wanted to go was to visit and experience the birthplace of some of the pagan religious traditions: the Celts, the Druids, the Wiccans and of course the Vikings; the “Old religions” that existed among the people before Christianity took hold. Of course, I grew up Catholic, so I was interested in that tradition too. Ireland is a land of great majesty and beauty, steeped with rich traditions of religion and music but torn by millenniums of war, struggle and conflict. Its people are beautiful, considerate, proud and just plain “fun.”

Day 1

Saturday 02 Sep 2006

Dublin Airport, Drogheda, Dundalk

Bob: 44 photos

Kathy: 36 photos

Day 2

Sunday 03 September 2006

Drogheda to Carrickfergus

Bob: 96 photos

Kathy: 70 photos

Day 3

Monday 04 Sept 2006

Northern Ireland to Derry

Bob: 152 photos

Kathy: 187 photos

Day 4

Tuesday 05 Sept 2006

Derry to Sligo

Bob: 104 photos

Kathy: 80 photos

Day 5

Wednesday 06 Sept 2006

Galway area

Bob: 70 photos

Kathy: 128 photos

Day 6

Thursday 07 Sept 2006

Sligo to Doolin

Bob: 150 photos

Kathy: 175 photos

Day 7

Friday 08 Sept 2006

Doolin to Castleisland

Bob: 80 photos

Kathy: 115 photos

Day 8

Saturday 09 Sept 2006

Castleisland to Sneem

Bob: 152 photos

Kathy: 144 photos

Day 9

Sunday 10 Sept 2006

Sneem to Cashel

Bob: 111 photos

Kathy: 103 photos

Day 10

Monday 11 Sept 2006

Cashel to Thomastown

Bob: 123 photos

Kathy: 144 photos

Day 11

Tuesday 12 Sept 2006

Thomastown to Dublin

Bob: 102 photos

Kathy: 164 photos

Day 12

Wednesday 13 Sept 2006


Bob: 96 photos

Kathy: 137 photos

Day 13

Thursday 14 Sept 2006


Bob: 79 photos

Kathy: 147 photos

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