Out of Body Experiences: Keywords: OOBE, Astral Projection Lessons Out of the Body
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Lessons Out of the Body

A Journey of Spiritual Growth

and Out-of-Body Travel

By Robert Peterson

Copyright 2001 (C) by Robert S. Peterson

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this work or portions thereof in any form whatsoever without permission in writing from the publisher, except for brief passages in connection with a review.

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Keywords: OBE, OOBE, Astral Projection


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Part 1 - Life Lessons

  1. The Next Step
  2. Perspective (formerly called A Happy Time)
  3. The Wolf’s Lesson
  4. Meeting With A Master
  5. Astral Lynch Mobs
  6. The Soulmate Experience
  7. The JoAnn Lessons (just an excerpt: Bob's Theory of Relativity)
  8. Peggy's Gift
  9. On Soulmates (formerly called Bob's Inner Voice on Soulmates)
  10. Cathy
  11. The Edge of Thorns
  12. Cathys and Kathys
  13. A Parting Gift
  14. Helping
  15. The Test
  16. Chasing God
  17. The OBE Outlook on Life

    Part 2 - Twenty Years of Out-of-Body Research

  18. Explore Your World...And Others!
  19. The Continuum of Consciousness
  20. OBEs and Organized Religion
  21. The Problem of Obtaining Proof
  22. How OBE is Like Tightrope Walking
  23. OBEs and Psychic Protection
  24. Are Alien Abductions OBEs?
  25. Out-of-Body Experiences versus Lucid Dreams
  26. Keys for Inducing an OBE
  27. Using Desire to Achieve Out of Body Experiences
  28. State of Mind Required to Induce an OBE
  29. A Simplified Technique for Inducing an OBE
  30. Improving Your OBE Ability
  31. Overcoming Problems During an OBE
  32. Questions and Answers

The End

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