Thailand / Vietnam / Cambodia 2009 Travelogue

Trip Summary:

Destination: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia

Travel Company: Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

When: 17 October – 9 November 2009

Duration: 23 Days

Photos taken: Kathy took 5376, Bob took 5840 (total 11216).


Vietnam wasn't my first choice of destinations for this trip. To be honest, I only wanted to see Angkor Wat, the ancient ruins of the Hindu spiritual center of the Khmer people in Cambodia. I've been happy with our previous trips with OAT, Overseas Adventure Travel, and they offered huge discounts for booking the trip early. There were two ways to see Angkor Wat: as a post-trip extension to a Thailand trip and as a post-trip extension to a Vietnam trip. Since Kathy and I had a wonderful trip to Thailand in 1997, with a personal guide (before our digital camera days, so no travelogue—sorry) we opted to see Vietnam instead.

Click on the photos to see comments I wrote and photos we took on each day:

Text only

Day 1


Minneapolis to Tokyo to Bangkok

No photos

No comments

Day 2


In Transit

No photos

Day 3


Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, Wat Arun

Bob: 347,

Kathy: 363

Day 4


Ayuthaya, Thailand

Bang Pa-In Palace, Temple Ruins, Wat Maha That, Wat Ratchaburana

Bob: 348,

Kathy: 322

Day 5


Hanoi, Vietnam

Downtown Hanoi, Orientation walk, Local Market

Bob: 74,

Kathy: 57

Day 6


Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Museum of Ethnology, Water puppet Show

Bob: 176,

Kathy: 257

Day 7


Hanoi, Vietnam

Tho Ha Village, Hanoi Hilton

Bob: 213,

Kathy: 259

Day 8


Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Cruise Ha Long Bay in a Junk, Cave Tour

Bob: 304,

Kathy: 255

Day 9


Hue, Vietnam

Temple of Confucius

Bob: 76,

Kathy: 75

Day 10


Hue, Vietnam

Hue Citadel, Orphanage, Emperors tombs, Pagoda

Bob: 406,

Kathy: 263

Day 11


Hoi An, Vietnam

Marble Mountain, China Beach, Old Town, Cooking lesson

Bob: 285,

Kathy: 237

Day 12


Hoi An, Vietnam

My Son Temple

Bob: 285,

Kathy: 293

Day 13


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Dien Phu school, Basket weaving village

Bob: 196,

Kathy: 180

Day 14


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Beach, Mieu Island, Champa Temple, Local market, Pagoda

Bob: 251,

Kathy: 162

Day 15


Dalat, Vietnam

Drive to Dalat, Truc Lam Zer Buddhist Pagoda, Home-hosted dinner

Bob: 207,

Kathy: 186

Day 16


Dalat City, Vietnam

Greenhouse, Silk factory, Banana Village, Dalat market, Dalat University, Lat Village

Bob: 360,

Kathy: 234

Day 17


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, War Museum, Church, Post Office

Bob: 109,

Kathy: 86

Day 18


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Rubber Tree farm, Cu Chi Tunnels, Buddhist temple

Bob: 270,

Kathy: 186

Day 19


Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Cao Dai temple, Mekong river cruise, Canoe ride, Candy factory

Bob: 248,

Kathy: 240

Day 20


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Local temple, Ox Cart Ride, Cultural show

Bob: 226,

Kathy: 239

Day 21


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, School, Jungle Temple, Village, Home-hosted lunch, Angkor Thom, Ancient Khmer ruins

Bob: 643,

Kathy: 590

Day 22


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tonle Sap Lake Village, Banteay Srei temple, Sunset, Puppet Show

Bob: 614,

Kathy: 791

Day 23


Siem Reap, Cambodia Bangkok, Thailand

Killing Fields Memorial, Park in Bangkok

Bob: 202,

Kathy: 101

The "Wild OATs"- Click here to see additional photos of this trip's OAT group members.

What we did right:

We estimated the clothes pretty well. I brought two pairs of slacks, two pairs of shorts and one pair of slacks with zip-off legs. Vietnam and Cambodia are extremely hot, even in November, so dress light! We brought a good amount of cash. We brought all the right chargers and cables needed for our portable electronics: the computer, iPhone, mp3 player, cameras.

What we did wrong:

We brought travelers checks. We didn't need them and never cashed a single one: the ATMs worked fine in Vietnam. I brought two books, but should have only brought one. We were just too busy, and when we weren't busy we were too tired.

Notes for travelers thinking about Vietnam and Cambodia:

Cambodia uses the US dollar for most transactions. If you use an ATM, it even dispenses fifty and twenty dollar bills. The electrical outlets were either European or European adapted to accept United States plugs. However, the voltage is 220, so make sure before you go that your chargers and power supplies accept at least 240 volts. It will say so in tiny letters on the power supply. Most laptop chargers and iPhone chargers do accept 240 volts these days.