Africa 2017 Travelogue

Trip Summary:

Destination: Kenya and Tanzania

Travel Company: Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

When: 09 October – 26 October 2017

Duration: 15 Days of sightseeing + 2 days of travel time

Photos taken: Kathy took 7020, Bob took 5756 (total 12776).

Videos taken: Bob took 132.


Kathy and I have done a lot of international travel through the years, so people call us “world travelers.” But how can we be “world travelers” without ever having been to Kenya and Tanzania? I felt it was time to right this wrong. Africa is not for the frail, and we’re not getting any younger. It also keeps getting more expensive, so I figured it might be better to go there while I’m still employed rather than after I retire.

Click on the photos to see comments I wrote and photos we took on each day:

Day 1

10 Oct 2017 Tue

In Transit

Day 2

11 Oct 2017 Wed

Flight to Masai Mara

Day 3

12 Oct 2017 Thu

All day game drive: hippos, lions

Day 4

13 Oct 2017 Fri

Game drive: rhino, leopards, misc

Day 5

14 Oct 2017 Sat

1/2 game drive, fly to Nairobi, drive to Arusha: Hyenas, Male lion, Gerenuk

Day 6

15 Oct 2017 Sun

Arusha: water filter shop, abino sanctuary

Day 7

16 Oct 2017 Mon

Lake lodge: elephants, leopards

Day 8

17 Oct 2017 Tue

Game drive: big elephant, giraffes, lions, lake walk

Day 9

18 Oct 2017 Wed

Water filters, Maasai daily life, school visit, Makundi carvers

Day 10

19 Oct 2017 Thu

View of Ngorongoro crater, drive to Serengeti

Day 11

20 Oct 2017 Fri

Game drive: lions, leopard, cheetah, gnus, zebras, cape buffalo, mongoose, hyena, baboons

Day 12

21 Oct 2017 Sat

Balloon ride, head of anti-poaching, close encounter with lio

Day 13

22 Oct 2017 Sun

Flamingos, Maasai paintings, ngong rock, rhino area

Day 14

23 Oct 2017 Mon

Ngorongoro crater

Day 15

24 Oct 2017 Tue

Home hosted visit, ride on tuk-tuk, ex-poacher, witch doctor

Day 16

25 Oct 2017 Wed

Shopping market, shop of disadvantaged people

What we did right:

We packed well.

What we did wrong:

I brought lots of electric adapters, chargers, only used 2 or 3 at most. We should have brought our trail-cam for nighttime photos while we slept. It didn't even cross my mind until it was too late.